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We are here for all human beings and your needs no matter your religion or non-religion, color, race, creed, sex, origin, and so on.  It doesn't matter, as long as you are a human being, we are here for you

This is where GOD is our President, JESUS is our Manager, and Where we are Supervised by the HOLY SPIRIT to serve you. 

Please note: We do not assist with housing issues; we provide you with information on agencies who does assist with that particular issue.  We also do not advertise simply because others receive credit for referring you to our organization.  If you have the individual's entry code, we will help you; if you have an urgent need, we will help anyway, however, we will refer you to an agency who can help. 

Between 2004 and 2005 we began receiving calls from people in danger of losing their homes.  We simply provided them with contact information or sent their information to an agency who could possibly help them - that was it.

During this time, and due to a form of retaliation, staff member(s) fabricated that we assist individuals due to housing issues.  If we know you personally, we will help you personally.  We assist people who we know personally; such as people of our church or friends of friends beginning with the church; however, most were not church members or believers.

We do not assist anyone with housing issues, unless they were referred by friends, relatives, neighbors, church organization, and other sister organizations.  These referrals have assigned codes that they give to individuals to contact us, actual affiliates, members and or staff. We do not know how FHCS knew about us, accept one of our faxing forms which we used when referring citizens to them for their assistance.  We always received calls from our affiliates, members, and other involved agencies who are/were helping people with such issues.  

We referred them to Fair Housing Contact Service of Akron, Ohio; Summit County and Toledo, Ohio in Lucas County, Lucas County sent us information to provide to people who contacted us for assistance.  Summit County lied and fabricated that people were referred to us by the Summit county welfare department.  This was a lie from the devil himself. We complained to their agency about one of their staff who was not assisting certain ethnic groups as he would his own.  We receive complaints from people we sent to them.  

Around 2006, Civil Rights was contacted and a complaint was filed against us; I believe it was after bringing to the Executive Director attention about complaints we received from certain ethnic groups who we referred to them for help.  (Foreclosure of their homes)

This agency was not helping people saved their homes; however, was providing classes where you can simply know how to spend your money better next time.  They then submit to the government that they taught citizens in a classroom only, and the government paid them, instead of finding funding to help them save their homes.  

Now recently Attorney General of Ohio sent me a warning of another lie; I contacted this agency previously for my uncle in 2008 or 2009 they purposely ignored me, and this year 2011, and they ignored my complaint.  Each time they were personal, so the Attorney General's Office of Ohio warned me not to work under the name The LULA MAE Foundation.  

So I am about to tell them off, and inform them that I am not intimidated, and the truth will be revealed by me, if they believe it or not.  I became very ill, where I almost died, and I could not fight them in 2006, so they think they won this time.

Now I am going to fight them, this time with more faith and being closer to my Heavenly Father and watch how GOD works.

Maybe I was a threat? Hmmmm lol  Tune in when I will give you and update on the outcome, because Fair Housing Contact Service is going to learn that you don't mess with a real child of GOD. Amen?!

Be Blessed!

Mrs. Gloria Mason, CEO and Founder of The LULA MAE Foundation 

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